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    Our resume templates are formatted for government, private sector, and government contractor careers. We provide the four popular resume templates: Chronological; Functional; Targeted; and Combination.

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    Keep a record of your progress by utilizing our Job Tracker. You can document the positions you have applied for, contacts that you made, and interviews you have landed. This product is beneficial for the overachiever!

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    Though our professional development courses provide more than enough information to get started, you can contact the instructor for feedback or advice.

People Are Saying

D. Chichester

I couldn't have been more satisfied

D. Chichester

B. F. Glenn provided me with two resumes. She created one that I could use for admin opportunities, the other for sales. She drafted my cover letters which allowed me to shine through piles of resumes that recruiters received. This wasn't just a task or job for B.F Glenn, she went above and beyond to make sure I landed my dream job.

Her optimistic attitude and expertise gave me the confidence when going to interviews. I can't stress enough having someone in my corner. The goal was met and I landed a job at one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in their Public Affairs Department. I can't thank her enough and highly recommend her courses.
Lisa P.

100% Approved

Lisa P.

In 2014, I lost my job and after several months of posting my resume on job sites, I was not getting the call backs I thought my hard work warranted. So, I decided to call in the reinforcement - B. F. Glenn.

Within the week, B. F. Glenn totally revamped my resume. She added a better format that positively presented the quality of my skills, rephrased or restructured my previous duties which spoke to my accomplishments and work ethic, and highlighted my skills that are high demand in today’s job market.

The job I was looking for was in the Federal Government, so my resume needed to be thorough and comprehensive. Within a few months, I landed a job in the government for a position that I was looking for.

It's 2018 and I am still thanking B. F. Glenn for her quick and forward thinking approach to my resume. I have recommended her to all my co-workers. She knows her stuff.
Vernell G.

B. F. Glenn's services were on time

Vernell G.

Creating a resume that would be for employers was a challenge.

After talking with B. F. Glenn about the jobs I'd be interested in, she offered to rewrite and reformat my resume.

In about a week, she turned it into a well written and remarkable format. She also provided me with an editable cover letter template.

I don't know what I would have done if B. F. Glenn didn't step in. I definitely recommend any course she provides; you will be very satisfied.
Yani D.

B. F. Glenn helped with my military to civilian transition

Yani D.

I recently retired from the USAF and had zero idea how to write a resume or how to search for a job.

B. F. Glenn was an Angel sent from Heaven. She is so professional and has such great energy. She provided support with writing my resume and gave me tips on how to dress to impress during the interview. She even gave me tips on negotiating salary after I was offered the position.

Thank you B. F. Glenn for being there.
by Shante'l

B.F. Glenn was an absolute God send!

by Shante'l

I was struggling with bringing my old resume to life. It had been YEARS since I had to search for a new job, and I was rusty. I reached out to B. F. Glenn and not only did she revamp my resume, she also gave me pointers when it came to interviewing. Ms. Glenn was not only professional, but down-to-earth, hilarious and energetic. She has such a positive attitude and made this process much more pleasant. She motivates you and follows up to see how things are going. Not only did I get my dream job but the salary to match. Thank you so much Ms. Glenn.
C. Blackston

B. F. Glenn transformed my resume into a work of art!

C. Blackston

She reinterpreted my work experience, making my work history more marketable. More impressive, she captured the essence of who I am and why I take take such great pride in my work.

Since utilizing this elevated resume, I have received numerous call backs, interviews, and yes, competitive job offers!

I am so proud to have a resume that adequately reflects my professionalism and individuality. Having this resume was a professional game changer!