• B. F. Glenn


    B. F. Glenn

    I am the kick-ass go-getter that always wanted to do my own thing - but could never quite stick to one thing - so I pursued various careers until a friend suggested this platform. Here, I am free to do what I do best - share, train, and motivate!

    Hi, I'm Beatrice. I'm the woman that will share all of the information I have on topics that you may not know much about. I like to view the bigger picture on nearly every topic or encounter in life, and I'll teach you to do the same.

    For those that want a more formal (and boring) introduction, let me say this. I graduated in the top 5% of my high school class, thinking I would get a full ride to Spelman. But Spelman turned me down because my SAT scores weren't high enough. I attended HOOD College instead, but my mom borrowed the funds from her 401K to send me there. That didn't sit right with me, so my sophomore year I transferred to Bowie State University.

    I majored in Broadcast Communications and graduated with a 3.41 GPA. I interned at Radio One working for Joe Madison "The Black Eagle" and Brian Higgins. My heart was set on being an anchor (or an author...or an FBI investigator, if they did away with the fitness test requirements). With very little job experience, I interviewed for a position with WJLA Channel 7; but, I had no clue how to respond to the question "Tell me about yourself." Actually, I was all too excited that the interviewer cared enough to allow me to open up. So, I leaned back in my seat and began telling her how I was engaged to be married, how we would wait to have kids, and everything else that was good in my life.

    Needless to say, I didn't get the job, so I started substituting a few weeks after. The next school year, I slid into a job as an eighth grade English teacher. At another point in my career, I was a Training Specialist, creating my own curriculum and enrolling peers in my courses. Throughout the years, I've written and edited for big corporations, little corporations, start-ups, government, and military. As a side hustle, I self-published a novel, created a publishing company, and did reviews for the Maryland Theatre Guide. Now, I'm here.

    Please enjoy my coursework!